Top Tips for Leveraging Blockchain in Your Organisation

Top Tips for Leveraging Blockchain in Your Organisation

Blockchain is one of the more exciting—and more misunderstood emerging technologies, and it is finally gaining serious traction in Australia.

Blockchain has seen significant developments since last year and has finally begun to cut through the hype. It is not only disrupting well established businesses - those in law and finance - but it also holds the capacity to affect other disruptive businesses such as Uber and Airbnb.

Ahead of the Blockchain Summit 2017 we chat to Cindy Nicholson, Associate Director - Financial Services Industry Innovation - Asia Pacific, at Optus, and parent company Singtel.

In this article Cindy, who has over 30 year experience both locally and abroad in financial services, software development and innovation, explores 5 key tips for successfully leveraging blockchain in your organisation, through insights into the Optus business model. 

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